Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

There’s not a lot of legalese here, because this is a personal blog and I don’t actively collect any information from visitors or make any attempt to track visitors using tracking cookies.

When you post a comment, this blog collects your provided name, e-mail ID, IP address and browser meta-data (private and not shared) along with optional website URL which is publicly displayed with your comment when you post a comment on any of the entries. E-mail ID and IP addresses are simply for the purpose of validating your identity through the Gravatar service (if available) and spam prevention through Askimet by WordPress. Data collected through comments are stored indefinitely on this server.

You might want to read Askimet and Gravatar‘s privacy policies.

Even otherwise you are not required to share any personal details at all much less personally identifiable data. Email IDs are kept private and not displayed in the public domain. No email ID is sold or otherwise harvested or shared with third parties (except possibly Gravatar and the WordPress spam prevention tool). If you are still paranoid about this, you may use a throw-away e-mail ID for commenting.

Any linked or embed content from third party sites on this blog, including YouTube, will be subject to the privacy policy of the respective site owners. Additional cookies may be stored by those sites. You are requested to be aware of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of those respective content providers.

And, I undertake not to contact you through the provided e-mail or otherwise disturb you unless you choose to communicate with me through e-mail in the first instance or ask me to do so. This blog uses cookies for simply adding enhanced functionality as provided by WordPress. Except the aforementioned cookies, no tracking or third party cookies are added to your browser through this website. Still you may wish to delete all cookies from your browser after using this website if you are paranoid.